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We are all bound to respect human dignity!

The Hospice has been established!

The Debrecen Hospice House Foundation was established in 2015 to support the hospice activity in Debrecen. The Meadow of Dignity awareness-raising project launched in Debrecen and Hajdú-Bihar County considers its main objective to be educating the public about the importance of care and stresses that every moment of life is precious

Our mission

With a yellow narcissus as our symbol we have been working with professionals, volunteers and our partners for years to foster awareness of the essence of hospice and palliative care – to be there for the dying and to comfort them during the dignified process of letting go.

Our other objectives

The most important achievement of our work over the last ten years has been the setting up of an in-patient ward and making a home-nursing service available. Our plans for the future include supporting the hospice activity in Debrecen, organising training for volunteers and others, arranging domestic and international conferences as well as launching charity programmes.

Our activities:

Our Partners: