Introduction to home hospice professional care

The home hospice professional care began to operate in Debrecen in 2009 within the framework of the Hungarian Hospice Foundation. Some of the patients still wish to stay at home despite the advanced stage of their illness. The members of the multidisciplinary team is committed to helping in such cases in cooperation with the patient’s attending physician and their GP.

The workers involved in the home hospice professional care have been rendering this help since the Debrecen Home Nursing Group was set up and they would like to continue their work with this team in joint cooperation with the Kenézy Hospital. The responsible and dedicated work of our colleagues helps to guarantee that every person in need receives hospice care that is reliable and of a high standard. We would like to introduce the care we provide from the point of view of a relative of one of our former patients.

I was honoured by a request from the Hospice Foundation’s coordinator to share my experience regarding the Hospice Home Nursing.

My husband, András Horváth, passed away in April 2016 after battling with cancer for almost eight years. From the point when the illness was diagnosed the doctor treating my husband, Dr Judit Tóth, did all she could to stabilise his condition and provide him with the very latest treatments. I still remember Doctor Tóth with gratitude because her perseverance and the efforts she made for patients gave them hope and helped my husband to bear his illness with dignity and to see everything in a positive light. My husband gave several talks at the patient’s club of the Debrecen Oncology Clinic during which the audience of medical practitioners were appraised of the emotions and problems that can arise with cancer and how a doctor’s approach can help a great deal.